seniors playing cards
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As you age, you can begin to lose memory and cognitive skills, but fortunately, there is a wide range of games and activities to help you maintain and even improve your brainpower.

Playing cards is an obvious choice, and you might have favorite games you’ve played for years. Card games require paying attention to details and concentrating on the right play to make.

Jigsaw and crossword puzzles also can help maintain and improve brain function, even a few minutes at a time. To involve others in the fun, you can choose games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, and Big Boggle. Of course, chess and checkers can be helpful as well.

How about getting a group together for Bingo? Having some prizes to win will make the game even more fun and keep everyone focused on their boards and the numbers. The only limit is your imagination.

Council of Seniors Works to Improve Your Benefits

Everyone can use a little extra income to ease their concern over inflation. That’s why Council of Seniors is dedicated to getting Congress to pass The SAVE Benefits Act. This legislation is needed to strengthen the annual Social Security cost of living adjustment COLA, in the hopes of returning $581 to seniors, which is money they’re rightfully owed.

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