The SAVE Benefits Act

US Capitol Building
Image via Pixabay

Council of Seniors is dedicated to passing The SAVE Benefits Act. This crucial piece of legislation is the only bill in Washington that issues retirees a $581 check to make up for the years when retirees received little or no Cost of Living Adjustment.

The text of the bill reads:

This bill directs the Department of the Treasury to disburse a payment equal to 3.9% ($581) of the average amount of annual benefits to individuals who are entitled to a specified benefit under title II (Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance) of the Social Security Act.

This is the money retirees worked for – the money they saved for retirement. That $581 is theirs. They earned it.

Senior Citizens played by the rules and trusted those in Washington who promised Social Security benefits would be there for them during retirement.

But these politicians allowed COLAs to be cut the bone – sometimes even to the point of no COLA at all. This has left retirees to make do with Social Security benefits far below what they deserve.

Now is the time to protect the financial security of millions of retirees. We must take this opportunity to urge our representatives to pass The SAVE Benefits Act to recover the COLA money that’s been withheld from seniors for years by greedy Washington politicians and insiders.

However, convincing Congress to immediately pass this legislation will require support from concerned citizens across the country.

Let your voice be heard

Please sign our petition calling on Congress to pass The SAVE Benefits Act. And please let your friends know about this important piece of legislation on Twitter and Facebook.

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