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Capitol Building at Dawn
Capitol Building at Dawn
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Council of Seniors is working hard to pass The SAVE Benefits Act. This is a gaming changing piece of legislation that issues most retirees a $581 check to make up for years of fair cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) being withheld.

For too long, politicians slashed COLAs – or even took them away altogether – forcing retirees to live on monthly benefits that were well below annual inflation rates or failing to keep up with rising costs.

We say enough is enough.

The financial security of millions of retirees is paramount. Council of Seniors has launched massive nationwide petition drives, voter surveys, and legislative initiatives. Our work is having a real impact in Washington – and it’s all thanks to the support and assistance of citizens from across America.

Washington politicians must not be allowed to continue walking over retirees and using Social Security to finance wasteful government spending sprees.

Please, join us in this journey to pass The SAVE Benefits Act.

One of the most important ways to help support this legislation is by signing our petition to Congress. Click here to add your name.

We ask that you please send this petition to friends and family. As we make our case in Washington and across the country, the more names on our petition, the better.

Council of Seniors is a program of Citizen Guardian – a nonprofit organization.

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