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Just as children benefit from pediatricians who are especially attuned to their medical concerns, seniors can find real help from geriatric doctors.

Just what is a geriatric doctor? It’s a physician specifically trained to care for patients 65 years or older. Sometimes, they’re called geriatricians.

Like other doctors, they’re trained in internal or family medicine. But they receive an additional one to two years of schooling in issues related to eldercare. Specifically, they focus on heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and mobility issues.

Geriatricians can serve as the primary care doctor or just be part of a senior’s overall medical team. They’re especially good at dealing with patients who have chronic conditions, as they know how to provide the right treatments for aging bodies.

These specialists also are trained to focus on the overall quality of life and spend more time on each appointment to get better informed about a patient’s medical history. As a result, they can design care plans, manage all medications, and provide a liaison with other medical providers.

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