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For those unfamiliar with ChatGPT, it’s a language model form of artificial intelligence (AI) developed by OpenAI to understand and generate natural language. It can be accessed on certain online platforms and may prove helpful to seniors looking for assistance in many areas.

Computer and AI experts believe seniors may find it beneficial in these ways:

  1. Getting answers to questions
  2. Offering a form of companionship
  3. Helping with writing letters and other compositions
  4. Serving as a memory aid
  5. Learning new things

For those interacting with ChatGPT for the first time, learn to ask specific questions, be patient waiting for responses, use simple language, and observe proper punctuation and grammar.  ChatGPT is programmed to offer human-like responses on a wide variety of topics.

As with other new technologies, ChatGPT will have a learning curve, but seniors might find it a very handy way to help them with simple tasks and also fight loneliness.

Council of Seniors Works to Make Senior Life Better

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Signing our petition is the first step to take to help. Let’s show Congress the growing number of people supporting this bill.

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