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One advantage of getting older is having more time to visit places you’ve always wanted to see.

Travel is a prime activity for seniors, especially those with disposable income to fulfill their travel dreams.

Daily Republic lists steps you can take to make sure you travel safely and get the most out of the trip. First, consider where you’re headed. The coronavirus pandemic has made travel to some locations risky, so get informed before booking your trip.

Always use senior-friendly services and take advantage of perks such as early boarding or assistance in traveling from gate to baggage areas. Next, obtain travel insurance. In the event of illness or accident, having extra coverage can help if something goes wrong.

Don’t broadcast your vacation. Social media provides an opportunity for thieves to learn who’s away. 

Always share your travel details so family or friends will know where to reach you if needed. Finally, take along copies of important documents such as prescriptions, statements of medical conditions, passports, driver’s license, insurance cards, and tickets, should any get misplaced or stolen.

Council of Seniors Works to Protect Your Benefits

Extra income can make travel a reality. Council of Seniors needs the help of citizens like you to get Congress to pass The SAVE Benefits Act. We’ve been pushing this bill to make up for the inadequate annual Social Security cost of living adjustment (COLA) in recent years. Its passage will result in seniors being reimbursed $581.

Take time now to sign our petition and support us on our mission.

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