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It’s our main mission here at Council of Seniors to get Congress to pass The SAVE Benefits Act. Once passed, this bill will give $581 back to seniors. This money has been denied to seniors for far too long. It makes up the cost of living adjustment (COLA) that was withheld from seniors, and it’s time for greedy politicians to do what is right and give this money back.

For all of those years where you were dedicated to your job and contributed into the Social Security Trust Fund, we can’t turn a blind eye and let this money remain in Washington.

Cost of Living Continues to Go Up

According to a report from the National Institute on Retirement Security, 40% of Americans over the age of 60 rely on Social Security income as their sole means of retirement.

With the cost of living for seniors increasing every year, every bit of money is helpful, especially considering that this is money you’ve already paid out of your pocket during your working years.

Let’s take a look at what you could use an additional $581 for.

  • Easier Communication with Loved Ones – The extra $581 per year could be used to purchase a Chromebook, small laptop, iPad, or Smartphone, so you can more easily connect with family and friends, pay bills, or any of the plethora of activities we now do online.
  • Pay Down Debt – If you keep credit card balances, this money could be used to help pay them down, or even off, depending on how high the balance is.
  • Travel Expenses to Visit Family – Once it’s safe to travel, the $581 could be put towards a plane ticket or other travel expenses, so you can visit loved ones.

Regardless of how you use this money, the bottom line is that it belongs to you, and you are entitled to every cent. We hope you’ll join us in helping to ensure that The SAVE Benefits Act is passed.

We invite you to take a moment and sign our petition With your help, we’ll continue working to getting you back the funds you deserve!

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