women at retirement home
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As more seniors look into the types of care and amenities offered by senior living communities, they’re finding more that are called a “Life Plan Community.”

But what exactly is meant by the term, Life Plan Community? There are three key elements found in locations that brand themselves that way:

  • They offer more than one level of care in a single location
  • They promote a lifestyle focused on being healthy and active
  • They try to become part of the greater community

These facilities often have been known as “Continuing Care Retirement Communities.” Because today’s seniors and retirees are expecting and hoping to live longer, they’re seeking a future home with more services and amenities.

One innovation of Life Plan Communities is to focus more on individual needs and provide options to maximize the life experience for residents.

Seniors having to give up their homes and move to a senior community don’t want to have to move again. Having a range of care and amenities available in one location that will meet future needs is a very attractive alternative.

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