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As seniors get older, they may face the issue of whether to remain in place or enter a senior living community.

About 90 percent of those age 65 and older prefer to live at home. Before you decide, Retirement Living shared five benefits to consider about aging in place.

  • Finances:  At least one in five senior couples has already paid off their mortgage, so it’s cheaper to stay at home. The average costs for senior living communities range from $3,628 to $6,844 monthly. 
  • Familiarity: Staying at home also is more comfortable, remaining in familiar surroundings with the furnishings and amenities you are used to, and you’ll have more privacy.
  • Keeping Your Routine: Maintaining your current social network also helps slow any memory loss. Entering a senior living facility means having to create new relationships to avoid a sense of isolation.
  • Remaining Part of Your Community: Staying where you live also offers local community activities such as volunteering and accessing senior centers for socialization.
  • Maintaining Independence: Finally, aging in place helps keep a sense of independence where you set your own schedule to meet your needs.

Your Retirement Is Up To You

Here at Council of Seniors, we are working hard to get Congress to pass The SAVE Benefits Act. That will make up for the Social Security cost of living adjustment (COLA) shortfall that’s happened in recent years. We want seniors to have all of the money they’re entitled to, including $581 that was not paid out in recent COLAs.

Please sign our petition right away. Let’s work together to show Congress how many people want action now.

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